About Us

  • R&M in Australia

    New Zealand’s favourite Fruit Pastes & Crackers are now coming to Australia. You can find our Cracker Minis & Platter Packs exclusively in Woolworths and you can find our Fruit Pastes in your local independent stores coming this September 2022!

  • How We Began

    Two farming friends from North Canterbury, New Zealand were faced with a surplus harvest back in the summer of 1996, they got together to preserve their delicious summer fruits using old family recipes and turn the robust flavours into something truly sensational. Those first fruit pastes awakened taste buds, as well as long-forgotten food traditions, and set the stage for our full line of products and flavours.

  • Our Focus

    Here at Rutherford & Meyer, we truly care about what we put into our bodies. We insist on using only 100% natural ingredients across our range to bring flavours to life and add a little excitement to any gathering. Our world-famous fruit pastes have long been a cheeseboard must-have whilst our range of wafers, crackers and spreads provide the highest quality snacks and accompaniments.

  • Sustainability

    We must all do our part to take care of our environment. The problem of food-waste and reliance on resources places strain on our environment. Our Upcycled Grain Project takes the leftover grain from the brewing process and turns it into a range of delicious on-the-go snacks. By Upcycling leftover grain we reduce our reliance on new resources and pressure on the environment (Currently available in NZ & USA only).