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How we began

In 2019, Rutherford and Meyer began their journey into discovering a sustainable ingredient for a range of crackers. One of our employees was a big fan of brewing beer and suggested we look into this process for an ingredient. This is when we found Spent Brewers Grain - our hero ingredient. This grain is full of fibre, protein and naturally sugar-free pairing perfectly with our 100% natural ingredients. From here we found a local Upper Hutt brewery to rescue and repurpose their spent brewers grain into our products. Realising this ingredient helps the environment by minimising waste and reducing the reliance on new product creation - Upcycled Grain Project was born to continue this work.

We've saved 12153 kilograms of grain so far

Want to save the world, but can't find your cape?

Our Superhero chefs make it easy with RESCUED INGREDIENTS & UPCYCLED SNACKS. Packed full of protein & fibre, our tasty crackers, bars & bites are made from UPCYCLED grains. Save your planet… one snack at a time.


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