Cracker Minis Arrive at Woolworths!

Cracker Minis Arrive at Woolworths!

Our Cracker Minis have officially hit Australia. Now exclusively available in local Woolworths, our Cracker Minis are out to prove that you don’t need to sacrifice flavour for goodness. With the cracker minis being gluten free, vegan friendly, baked not fried and made up of at least 20% vegetable.

We want to show Aussie consumers that you can find wholesome snacking options that are packed with real vegetables instead of artificial flavours. These polenta-based Cracker Minis were developed with that vision in mind; using natural ingredients derived from the goodness of raw beetroot, chickpeas and mixed garden vegetables, as well as flax seed and poppy seed, essentially doing all the hard work for you.

Designed as a quick and easy snack or to be enjoyed with friends and family with cheese and dips at picnics or at home, these small but mighty crackers pack enough flavour that they don’t need to be paired with much else.

For a bit more information on our move into the Australian market and our cracker minis, feel free to check out the link here

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